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Transition from James L. Mayer, P.A. to Borsoni & Cooney, LLC.

Dear Clients,

After 45 years of practicing law, and after much thought and careful consideration, Jim Mayer has decided to step back from the full-time practice of law and enjoy more time with his wife and family. Although the decision was a difficult one, it was made much easier by the fact that we have two exceptional, knowledgeable and capable attorneys ready to take over the law practice. Both are experienced in the areas of law the firm has concentrated in and both have been with James L. Mayer, P.A. for many years. Jennifer E. Borsoni (Jennifer) has been with the firm on and off since 1997, while Teresa M. Cooney (Teri) has been with the firm since 2001. Many of you have worked with them over the years so you already know they treat our clients’ matters with professionalism and efficiency. Based on the time Jennifer and Teri have worked with the firm, we are certain you can trust them to provide competent legal representation to you all.

Although The Law Offices of James L. Mayer, PA. will no longer be providing services, we are pleased to announce that Jennifer and Teri will continue to practice in our current office location as Borsoni & Cooney, LLC. The telephone number will be the same and our website will soon point to a website being set up by Borsoni & Cooney, LLC. Jim Mayer will be working with the new firm as Of Counsel for the foreseeable future to ensure a smooth transition, to complete pending matters and to help with clients who still want him to be involved in their matters. Your files and any funds held on your behalf in escrow will continue to be maintained and cared for but will be transferred to Borsoni & Cooney, LLC. It is our hope that you will consider Borsoni & Cooney, LLC for all your legal needs in the future. If you still feel the need to discuss matters with Jim Mayer, be assured he is available to do that.

If Jim Mayer is currently representing you in a matter, that representation will continue as Of Counsel for Borsoni & Cooney, LLC. Please note that you have the option to retain other counsel to represent you. While we would certainly work with you to ensure a smooth transition to a new attorney, I can assure you each of us are experienced advocates who know how to represent our clients zealously, while vigorously protecting the client’s interest in a responsible matter.

We are confident that the team at Borsoni & Cooney, LLC will continue to carry on the commitment that the Law Office of James L. Mayer has had in providing excellent legal services to our clients. Jim wants to use this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being a valued client and for allowing him to represent you in your legal matters through the years.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to facilitate the transition and if we can answer any questions.